Upgrade your manual push doors by having us install an automatic door operator. There are multiple types of door operators brands and sometimes it’s difficult to choose the right type for your business and we’re here to help.

Swinging Door Operators


  • Surface Mounted Push or In-swing: This is the standard type of operator that most businesses have. They come in low or full energy applications and are used with wall mounted or jamb push buttons. Certain types come with special features like a power close function for exterior doors or for doors with building pressure issues, or with a push and go feature which triggers the motor to engage once the door is manually pushed.
  • Fully Automatic: This type of operator opens at much higher speeds and allows the door to open by a motion sensor oppose to a push button. This type of application also comes with a presence sensor as well as door mounted sensor to ensure the customer’s safety and is obligated by code. This type of operator is often used in liquor stores or malls.
  • Concealed Overhead: Mounted inside of the header with the arm concealed in the top rail of the door. Typically used with all glass door entrances.
  • In-Floor: A great alternative to the overhead system. This operator is placed in the ground below the door, perfect for arched door ways, or frame-less entries and is great for hiding the operator.


  • Approach Sensor: As you walk within the sensor range, the door automatically begins to open.
  • Push-button: This trigger only opens the door when a user presses a button.
  • Push-&-Go: Once you being to push open the door, the operator will take over and open the door the rest of the way.
  • Access Control: This type of trigger is perfect for doors that need to have limited access. A door with this trigger will only open when a control system such as a card reader system, electric strike or mag lock authorizes the potential user.

Safety Sensors:

  • Header Mounted Presence Sensor: This sensor will detect the presence of someone standing in front of the door, preventing it from opening or closing on them.
  • Approach Side, Door Mounted Sensor: A door with this type, will have the sensor mounted on the actual door itself. As the door closes, the sensor makes sure that no one is walking through the door. If someone is, then it will stop and re-open.
  • Swing Side, Door Mounted Sensor: Similar to the sensor above it is mounted on the door. However, this is on the opposite side of the door to ensure that no one will get hit by the opening door.


Distributor of the Following Brands:

  • Record USA
  • Dorma
  • Hunter Automatics
  • LCN
  • Detex
  • Norton
  • Blasi
  • Crane

Service of the Following Brands:

    • Stanley
    • Horton
    • Gyro Tech
    • Besam
    • Door-o-matic
    • Tormax
    • Tucker

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