Automatic sliding doors are great for saving space and giving your business a modern look. We offer 7ft to 16ft widths, configurations of 2 to 4 panels, multiple finishes, and many different styles and features. Sliders are perfect for medium to large business and buildings.

Slider Doors:

  • Standard Automatic Sliders(Aluminum or Glass): The typical aluminum sliding door that you see installed in-front of most large retail businesses as well as places such as hotels, malls and grocery stores. This type of slider can come with thresholds or can be trackless and is also available in all-glass applications.
  • Fire Rated: We offer several different models of steel fire rated manual or automatic sliding doors to meet your code requirements.
  • Telescopic Sliding: This is a multi-wing sliding door that is used mainly for larger spaces, where the business wishes to have one entry way or increase the opening width.
  • Circular Sliding : Similar to the standard sliding door. Except, they are made of curved glass to achieve a segment, semi, or full circle door.
  • Drive Through Windows: For businesses that offer drive through services such as fast food restaurants.

Lock Types:

  • Mechanical: Traditional locking system that consists of an MS lock, thumb turn and keyed cylinder.
  • Electric: Electric locks are a great way to level up your security. This type of lock automatically locks your doors after a user programmed time. It also shortens the time your staff will spend locking up at night. Optional security card readers can be installed to prevent unauthorized users from unlocking certain doors as well as security contacts. With this type of lock, panic escape bars would also be installed on each sliding door panel to allow egress during an emergency. Another option that can be added is an automatic emergency opening. In the event that a power outage occurs, the door will automatically open.
  • Approach Sensor: As you walk within the sensor range, the door automatically begins to open.
  • Push-button: This trigger only opens the door when a user presses a button.
  • Access Control: This type of trigger is perfect for doors that need to have limited access. A door with this trigger will only open when a control system authorizes the potential user.

Safety Sensors:

  • Safety Beam: If a sliding door comes into contact with an obstacle during its close, it will automatically re-open itself.
  • Header Mounted and Presence Sensor: This sensor will detect the presence of someone standing in front of the door, allowing it to re-open.

Revolving Doors:

A revolving door typically consists of three or four wings that hang on a central shaft and rotate around a vertical axis within a cylindrical enclosure. Revolving doors are energy efficient as they prevent drafts by acting as an airlock, thus preventing increases in the heating or cooling required for the building. At the same time, revolving doors allow large numbers of people to pass in and out.Revolving doors are also available in various different canopy styles, curves and can look quite sophisticated when clad in stainless steel. They are also all built to have the wings break away for an even larger opening during emergencies.


  • Manual: This type of revolving door has to be manually pushed in order for it to rotate.
  • Fully Automatic doors: Activated by motion sensors and equipped with various safety sensors, this style of revolver is convenient for a fast paced environment.



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